Jodo exhaust polished dumps M109 C109



My story.

What I do.

I specialise in making custom exhausts for anything with two wheels & a motor. I use the best materials & provide professional workmanship.

I also make header pipes, secondary pipes, collectors, custom mufflers & baffles. I carry out custom jobs, modifications, polishing, chroming, ceramic coating & welding.

I’ll repair anything that is mild steel, stainless steel, titanium & aluminium.

I also have my own hydraulic mandrel bending machine on-site. Tube bending in 41mm, 48mm & 63mm available to any specified degree.

We make the dump pipes for the m109,c109,m90,c90 and soon the m50 and c50


We make full length pipes for the m109 and c109 along with our black turnout system.


We also make full length system for the c90,m90 and the m50,c50

Contact me for a full list of jodo exhausts and prices ,

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