Revo integrated G5 knight rider LED



Integrated Turn singal / Hazard / Brake -3 in one design. New Core processor 32 bit.  Plus tradition Knight rider scanner patterns. 21 model with Remote Control. Strengthen waterproof LED strip and controller box. Integrated turn signal /Brake light . 3 in one design.


REVO Generation V Integrated Knight Rider LED Assembly

For M109R/M1800R use only


  • Integrated Turn singal / Hazard / Brake -3 in one design.
  • New design IC board, less 30% IC and electronic circuit 
  • PLUG-AND-GO  “No wiring stuff”
  • Luxury remote controler, stainless made
  • New IC Core processor 32 bit
  • Tradition Knight rider scanner patterns inside
  • Cancel un-useful patterns, keep popular model with Remote Control
  • Strengthen waterproof LED strip
  • Integrated trun signal/brake light, 3 in 1 design.
  • Newest Hybrid SMD 5050 1W, flash effect better than active SMD RGB 5050 0.5W.
  • REVO Hybrid SMD plus ring crystal around the 3 bright.
  • REVO Knight Rider lights has exclusive new colorful management chip in each SMD backside.
  • Multicolor and multi function. New one flows from light to light creating a continuous stream of light.
  • It has mix colors: red, blue, green, daisy, pink, purple and white.
  • Auto run and selection mode can be changed in circulation pattern and can also be fixed in a certain model.
  • Available holding on Red/Green/Blue color and acts as a running light, when you hit turn signal light or brake, it will switches to blinker mode.
  • If you won’t ride with the remote, you can set someone model that you like and it would be memory. Then system will be auto run when you ride next time.
  • Be advised, the Gen.5 is not recommended to used together with Chinese LED Rear Taillight, due to different designed IC board  that could result in  interference.


REVO Knight Rider kit come with LED strip / Remote control/ Wire harness jointer

Wireless Remote Control: Up down left  right  4 buttons

1.      Button A for different pattern, you can choose some kinds circulatory.

2.      Button B for for slowdown pattern changing effort.

3.      Button C for power switch.

4.      Button D Auto run pattern and changing effort.


  • Length: 54cm 48 pcs of  5050 Hybrid SMD RGB
  • Material: Taiwan 5050 Hybrid RGB SMD lamps
  • Brightness: 5000MCD / light
  • 6 months warranty


Come With: 1pc 54cm LED strip & remote control with wire harness (M109R/M1800R use only)

Knight rider LED with passenger seat

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