The power of Group Orders

MaD Motorcycle Parts and Accessories (MaDmpa) is a dream that has been thought about for many years. I bought a bike I fell in love with and now I eat , sleep and breathe bikes. I realized after buying my bike in 2017 that I wanted to modify it. Getting parts is a lengthy and costly problem faced by most of us. Starting with simple modifications and working up to performance parts it can be a struggle. Let me do the work for you, I’ll make calls , email suppliers around the world and find you exactly the parts you need to make your bike MaD.

On your own you most likely can secure a discount in some form but then the postage eats up whatever discount you were able to gain. Or you pay full price but receive free shipping. Either way there is no way to really get a great price and cheap shipping, especially when parts are coming from overseas and may weigh a bit more than the average parcel.

MaDmpa will get your parts for you buy negotiating prices. I will do group buys to assist in cost savings when necessary, In essence it is the smartest way to buy from overseas and the greatest benefit is the cost saving overall.

There are two models which MaDmpa uses in their strategy:

  1. We source products from all over the world and negotiate with the manufacturer or retailer for the best price for bulk orders. We then advertise to you the consumer here in Australia and invite you to be part of the Group Order.
  2. We listen to what you are after and discuss it with a group of people sharing your passion for modifications. I will use my network of contacts to find people that require parts and then source from our suppliers the best solution for price and delivery.

While we will often purchase a few additional parts for our own inventory , so before you buy check in and see my current stock. Group Ordering can maximize the savings to you, our customers.

We are extending our business and icluding the following servies, MaD motorcyle transport and MaD motorcycle detailing and minor servicing and we also buy and sell Suzuki boulevard parts, both new and second hand .
Let us know what sort of products you need and let us work our magic.

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